Say hello to our newest letter

So this is exciting—we have a new letter. We've managed to find (and convince to stay) cellist Bianca Eden. We think that's pretty newsworthy. 

See her play her first Burnt letters show next Thursday, 25 September as we help launch The Acfields' new album at The Toff in Town. You'll be able to say, 'I was there the night Bianca played her first show with Burnt letters'. You'll also have a pretty magical evening out. 

We've launched our first EP

We've launched our first EP—and we're pleased as punch. Thank you to all who pushed and squeezed their way into the front bar of The Retreat Hotel. You were a beautiful sight.

Big thanks to our band for the night, the Roughshod Angels. Don't know about you cats, but we had a ball. Big thanks too to The Acfields for supporting us excellently and just generally being their excellent selves. And especially big thanks to those members of the Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir who traded spirituality for spirits and blew the house down. 

Now, go and buy the damn EP.

The Big West Songwriters' Session

A big thank you goes from us to the Big West Festival, who let us put on the Big West Songwriters’ Session radio show at the Footscray Community Arts Centre as part of MOBILE RADIO. We had a chat to three of the west's best and brightest songwriters, and they even played us a song each. We had was sun, Lucy Wilson, music, Carus Thompson, a radio station in a caravan, Venice Music, and the best view of the city you'll find anywhere.