And then there were three

Things have been pretty quiet on the Burnt letters front lately. The break has given us lots of time to do things (like have babies) and think about things (like what makes us tick). We got to thinking about what gets us excited musically and what makes us special as a band, and we kept coming back to harmonies: the fullness of the vocal sound when there are two perfectly placed parts, cello lines dancing with voices, the lyrical magic that happens between strings and vocals. When you write it like that, it’s hard not to get excited.

So we’ve decided to pare back the rhythm section and hunker down as a three piece. With that decision, we bid a fond farewell to our one-man band Ray Bassett and his mandolin, banjo, twelve string, harmonica, autoharp, tartan pants and tenacious storytelling. The remaining three letters raise our glasses in thanks to Ray for three years of good music and good times.

While we admit that the band’s attractiveness is diminished, we’re excited about what’s to come. And don’t despair. You can (and really should) get your Ray fix over at Grumpy Neighbour.