And then there were three

Things have been pretty quiet on the Burnt letters front lately. The break has given us lots of time to do things (like have babies) and think about things (like what makes us tick). We got to thinking about what gets us excited musically and what makes us special as a band, and we kept coming back to harmonies: the fullness of the vocal sound when there are two perfectly placed parts, cello lines dancing with voices, the lyrical magic that happens between strings and vocals. When you write it like that, it’s hard not to get excited.

So we’ve decided to pare back the rhythm section and hunker down as a three piece. With that decision, we bid a fond farewell to our one-man band Ray Bassett and his mandolin, banjo, twelve string, harmonica, autoharp, tartan pants and tenacious storytelling. The remaining three letters raise our glasses in thanks to Ray for three years of good music and good times.

While we admit that the band’s attractiveness is diminished, we’re excited about what’s to come. And don’t despair. You can (and really should) get your Ray fix over at Grumpy Neighbour.

A lower case M

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Thanks for sticking with us.

The big news is we have a new letter, albeit a lower case one. Lou's beautiful daughter Maggie came into the world in April and, quite frankly, she's the bees knees.

We've just had our first band meeting and our first rehearsal since that happened and it was pretty darn great. Things will be moving slowly for a while, but Burnt letters is officially off hiatus.

A little video of us doing what we do best

We're very excited to share this video we made with the very talented Dennis Liu of moving encounters.

Dennis was such a pleasure to work with, and he really captured the spirit of this song with his unique visual approach. Enjoy!

In episode 5, alt-country/blues quartet Burnt letters invited us into the lounge room for a jam session. It was one of the most relaxed and beautiful shoots I've been on, and the whole time I felt like I was just sitting in on one of their rehearsals, a couple drinks in, soaking in all the whimsy and comfort that a Sunday afternoon has to offer.



It's been a while

It's been a while since we said hi but we all got a bit busy doing other stuff. Lou went travelling, Ray finished writing his book, Kinch wrote a tonne of songs and Bianca, well, you know that big party that Melbourne throws on new year's eve? That was her.

But we're back now and so excited to be playing together again. We're got a bunch of new songs, we played our first local show last night in, like, forever, and next up we're heading to regional Victoria together. So come travelling with us.

The letter R

R is for Retreat Hotel. For those of you how came along on Saturday evening for our last show of the year, a big great thanks. We were super lucky to be joined by The Weeping Willows, who you can see in this impressively high quality clip.

And if you look hard enough, you'll also see our newest letter.

R is for Ray Bassett. He plays banjo, mandolin, harmonica and guitar. He sings. He writes songs and books. He knows more about Tasmania than any man we've met. We're keeping him.  

R is most definitely for rad. 

A pretty flattering write up

New music bloggers notes and vibes gave us a pretty fab write up recently. They said things like 'this duo is nothing short of exceptional' and also 'Thank you Burnt Letters, for reminding me of music’s capacity to instill certain emotions that transcend reality'. 

We were already blushing, and then they wrote:

Burnt Letters released a self-titled EP this year, and every song is a mesmerizing blend of masterfully crafted folk-indie rock. There are definitely plenty of country, folk, and alternative influences playing into their sound that make it the perfect fusion of melodies. The combo of male and female voices has always been something I enjoy. Not to mention that both of these artists posses the skills to shine on their own. 


Review of our spot with The Acfields

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to support The Acfields launch their debut album at The Toff in Town. They were a-may-zing. And the other support, Dan Parsons? Also a-may-zing. .

Accordingly, The Dwarf wrote a glowing review—and we were pretty delighted to see some good things about us there too. Things like, ' this duo certainly has a touch of June Carter and Johnny Cash'. Yep, we'll take that!

Say hello to our newest letter

So this is exciting—we have a new letter. We've managed to find (and convince to stay) cellist Bianca Eden. We think that's pretty newsworthy. 

See her play her first Burnt letters show next Thursday, 25 September as we help launch The Acfields' new album at The Toff in Town. You'll be able to say, 'I was there the night Bianca played her first show with Burnt letters'. You'll also have a pretty magical evening out.